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Standard Wool (UK) Ltd.

Bradford-based Standard Wool (UK) is a multi-million pound group of companies that together make up one of the world’s leading wool trading businesses, with customers in more than 30 countries. Specialising in sourcing, supplying and processing wools from the UK and overseas, the company today employs around 150 people across the renowned textile region of West Yorkshire in the UK, and in overseas locations including New Zealand, China and Chile. Consisting of four companies in total, Standard Wool’s combined experience and expertise remains virtually unrivalled, with individual company origins dating back to the 18th century and a workforce that in some cases stretches back many generations.

Jacomb Hoare & Co.

Bradford-based Jacomb Hoare & Co. is the trading division of Standard Wool’s highly successful South American operation based in the Punta Arenas region of Chile. One of the world’s oldest and best respected wool firms with a history dating back more than 200 years, Jacomb Hoare & Co. was instrumental in establishing Punta Arenas as a key location in world wool production. Today, the company handles the trading and processing operations of Standard Wool (Chile) S.A., using its unique combination of industry experience, knowledge and influence to ensure customers enjoy the same superior products, competitive pricing and great service that helped originally establish the business.

Thomas Chadwick & Sons

Originally founded in 1864, Thomas Chadwick & Sons is another Standard Wool company with an impressive record stretching back many decades. In 1987 the company became an integral part of the Standard Wool group, since then providing the business with scouring and storage from the same Dewsbury premises it has occupied since 1903. Today, state-of-the-art technologies enable the company to process roughly 20 million kilograms every year, in an operation employing 55 highly skilled workers. The company’s superb environmental policies and commitment to best practice have earned it the coveted ISO9001 Quality Management accreditation in Wool Trading and Processing as well as ISO14001 Environmental Management accreditation – the only UK company to achieve both standards. Soil Association accreditation is a further demonstration of this market-leading company’s unrivalled competency and commitment to excellence in every aspect of its operations.

Standard Wool (NZ)

Our most recent addition to the Standard Wool portfolio, Standard Wool (NZ) is the division of the business responsible for operations in New Zealand. Since its beginnings in the 1970s, the company has established an impressive foothold not only within New Zealand’s wool auction system but within the country’s wool trade as a whole. Today, Standard Wool (NZ) operates as a successful niche business employing a small but highly trained team who specialise in wool buying, wool scouring and international shipping.

Standard Wool (Nanjing, China)

Our Chinese operation in Nanjing was opened in the early 1990s, and provides a customer relations and sales office serving our Chinese client base and specialising in the Australian wool business. The office manager has more than 20 years’ experience of the wool industry.

One of the world’s leading wool trading businesses.

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